Understanding the ins and outs of a pregnancy massage

Pregnancy Massage

A pregnancy massage is not any different from a normal massage since the goals are similar. The aim is to enhance relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety. However, a pregnancy massage is specifically tailored to suit pregnant women, and the therapist should have taken the required massage course and be able to adjust accordingly. You can join this massage class in Brisbane In this regard, specific massage tables are used along with cushioned pillows known as bolsters. The bolsters are used to position and support pregnant women during the massage.

The Benefits To Both Mother And Child

Having a pregnancy massage helps in eliminating the usual pregnancy discomforts like headaches, stiff neck, back pain, and edema. Getting a pregnancy massage further results in decreased stress and anxiety and thus improved sleep. The massage promotes the circulation of the lymph fluid thereby relaxing any nervous tension.

If the mother is relaxed and feels good, so does the unborn baby. This will promote proper growth and development of the baby since the mother will be able to have adequate rest and improved sleep.

When Is It Safe?

Just like any other form of complementary medicine, pregnancy massage is still not well researched. Nonetheless, most medical practitioners do not discourage having a massage during pregnancy. Caution should be taken especially since the training of therapists is varied. Pregnant women should avoid getting a prenatal massage during the first trimester as they are more prone to a miscarriage. However, there is no prove that getting a massage may be a predisposing factor for a miscarriage. All the same, it is safe to avoid getting a massage during this period so as to avoid any liability issues in case of anything.

What Is Different?

The comfort of the subject should be the first priority. Usually, sideline positioning is used along with the cushioned bolsters to offer support thereby reducing pressure on the lower back. Women in their second trimester lay on their backs and a wedged bolster is placed under one hip. Some of the techniques that are used include reflexology so as to address specific needs of the pregnant woman.


With any doubt, the benefits are clear and precise. However, before engaging any massage therapist, ensure that the therapist is skilled and is certified by relevant authorities.

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